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Hassan Al_Wahshat
Bashar Igried
Al smadi khalid


Information security risk analysis has increased the number of complex issues of information security, requiring the participation of specialists in different areas of knowledge. This leads to inability of such systems to evaluate the security state of computer system thoroughly.Present paper on the intellectual to risk analysis and vulnerability of information systems. The aim of the study is to eliminate subjectivity in the assessment of risks and reduction of time for the process of risk analysis and vulnerability of the computer system. The mathematical tools of artificial neural network and probabilistic attack tree were used in the research. In order to evaluate the efficiency of the developed system, the security assessment for the Windows systems was performed. As the result the conformity between the real security of the information system and the assigned evaluations was proved.


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1. I, Al_Wahshat H, Igried B, khalid A smadi. Risk and Vulnerability Analyses for the protection of Information for Future communication security Based Neural Networks. j. adv. sci. eng. technol. [Internet]. 2022 Jan. 9 [cited 2024 Apr. 23];2(1):31-9. Available from:


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