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Al Smadi Khalid


 In our modern science and digital technological revolution, to provide information and services to manage the state of the elements around us, where Eternity is things that unite everything in the world under one infrastructure, including things, people, places and processes. In smart grid operations, we focus on increasing cost and efficiency through load management and control. To regulate all load/power controllers at each end of the customer, this prototype demand-side control system uses a centralized system with a power management module. At each client end, a data entry scheme is used to retransmit load scheduling requests: GSM is used for wireless data transmission between multiple devices. Several loads, an Arduino Uno, relay modules, current sensors, and a target to control four electronic devices or home lighting by sending a message containing a word that is compared to the word written in the code stored in the microcontroller. If the words match, an LED is required on one of the Adriano ports so that each LED represents a specific replacement candidate. We can easily change the word written in the code using the Adriano software. The system is implemented with a high time response, so all readings are updated and appear spontaneously. The developed system should be Efficient, safe and fast. The smart home system must be implemented in real time


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